teaching experience:
I am a licensed k-12 art teacher in WA state. As a full-time author/illustrator, this doesn't mean too much these days, except that I do enjoy working in the schools and that I make a concerted effort to remain connected with my teaching roots. I have visited numerous schools and literacy events since publishing my first book in April 2000. Please see my resume for a complete list of visits.

general classroom visits:
The potential to visit schools and classrooms, is a fantastic extention of my work in the studio. I enjoy sharing the creative process behind the creation of picturebooks, and showing students that they too are exceptional writers and illustrators!

My visits have included relevant topical information about my subject matter, my background as an artist and writer, and some insights on how I look for creative ideas. I talk about the process of getting published and all of the various steps enroute, but certainly tailor the details in age appropriate ways.

I am comfortable leading mini drawing workshops (especially effective with 4th-6th graders) and would of course like to read from my books and answer lots of questions!

more structured residencies:
Practically Perfect Pictures and Prose - Process Percolates to Pride: Words and pictures each have a voice in storytelling. With an emphasis on "practically perfect" beginnings, students will be encourgaged to be creative with their work, to go beyond the first idea, and to learn from the process as they edit and revise towards an even better final draft! Students will create their own illustrated books by exploring and utilizing the basics of storytelling (setting, plot, character, etc.) and illustration. The residency will draw on Erik's own experience with the editing and art direction of his first book, The Practically Perfect Pajamas. By this process, in writing and art, students will discover their own potential for creative thought and the communication of creative ideas.

prefered age/grade level:
Grades 1-5 are my favorites, but working with older groups or speaking with parents and teachers is also great given the right venue.

fees etc.:
$550 for a full day visit (4-5 60min sessions.) Longer and shorter visit fees TBD by length of stay. Please add $50 to the total cost if farther than 100 miles from Winthrop, WA, and arrangements/cost for lodging & meals if the distance will necessitate an overnight stay. These fees are always negotiable.

book signing and ordering:
I am very happy to sign books either previously owned or purchased on site. I have a detailed list of ordering information for each of my publishers and will be happy to send it upon request.

For more info or to book a visit:
Please call me at 509.996.4345
I can also be reached via e-mail.



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